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L-House Special

L01 Deep Fried Chicken with Dry Chili Peppers 重庆辣子鸡$13.95

L02 Deep Fried Tofu w Dry Chili Peppers 重庆辣子豆腐$12.95

L03 Sliced Fish w Salted Mustard Cabbage Soup 重庆酸菜鱼$14.95

L04-Pork Blood Beef Stomach and Soybean Sprout Stew 毛血旺$17.95

L05 Deep Fried Pork Intestine w Dry Chili Peppers 香辣肥肠$14.95

L06 Cumin Flavored Spicy Crispy Fried Sliced Fish 香辣回锅鱼$14.95

L07 Cumin Flavored Lamb w Chili Sauce 孜然羊肉$15.95

L08 Sauteed Beef in Homemade Style 飘香牛肉$15.95

L09 Sauteed Chicken in Homemade Style 飘香鸡片$13.95

L10 Tea-Smoked Duck (Half) 重庆樟茶鸭$14.95

L12 Stewed Duck w Konjac Hot Pot 魔芋鸭$15.50

L22 Lamb w Bean Ndles HPot 麻辣羊肉煲$15.95

L23 Beef w bean ndles Hpot 麻辣牛肉锅$15.95

L28 Fried Corn w Egg Yolk 金沙玉米$12.95

L30-Sauteed-Duck-w-Ginger-in-Spicy-Sauce 重庆姜爆鸭$14.95

L32 Smoked Pk w dry turnip spy 干椒萝卜炒腊肉$14.95

L34 SF chinese yam w shrp 虾仁山药$15.95

L40-mala-pot 麻辣香锅$26.95

L41 Lamb w blk fungus green 小炒羊$15.95

L42 SF lamb w gingr scalion 葱爆羊肉$15.95

L43 House spl shp fish veg 美味小炒$16.95

L46 Pk Intestine sr cabbage spy 酸菜肥肠$14.95

L47 Chinese Yam Ham Tofu HP 山药云腿豆腐煲$15.95

L49 Chongqing special hot pot 重庆小火锅$26.95

L51 Steamed Pig Knuckle w Pickled Pepper 剁椒蹄花$16.95